Tuesday, December 14, 2010

My own progress making money through growing suger snap peas

Currently I have a row in the ground, with lots of green shoots coming up. I actually did weed this area, as it was soil contained in a brick enclosure and the weeds weren't that deeply rooted. Also I did it over time, about 20 pea seeds a day or so, weeding roughly the right amount of ground for them and putting them in. The bricked area seems to not be visited by slugs/snails very much.

Now I've put them in, it's a good feeling as the plants are now in effect working for me, growing even if I leave them for a bit.

In terms of being even cheaper, it's also possible to harvest grey water - one simple way is to put the plug in your shower about half way through, then use empty milk containers to collect the water after your shower. Instead of the water going down the drain, it goes to your plants.

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