Thursday, November 18, 2010

Make Money by Growing, Founding Principle!

Okay, you buy food, don't you? You haven't somehow been able to transcend the need to eat? :)

Say your about to buy $5 worth of vegetables. But then I step in and buy them for you? Well, now you have $5 you wouldn't have otherwise had. Indeed, your effectively $5 ahead! You've made $5, essentially!

This is really simple. I mean you've heard of passive income where you sit back and your money just grows? Well, it can literally work that way as well. At the moment in my area suger snap peas (yum!) cost 7 cents per pod.

Well, there's your key to everything right there!

One single pea can grow a plant that'll make many, many pods. And that's just growing one, single, lonely plant.

Let's say a plant grows five pods. They'll grow more, but let's just be conservative for now. That's 35 cents from that one plant. And, yes, that'll be 35 cents worth of vegetables you wont be buying!!!

"35 cents?? That's not much!"

Your not thinking big, like every company does, where they all make money by doing things in bulk! Your not going to grow one plant when it's easy and simple to put in a few dozen! Every plant multiplies that 35 cents. Simply decide how much you want to make!

This is the founding principle! Look forward to latter posts in which detail that founding principle being executed, in step by step simple instructions. I'm really looking forward to writing it!

Thanks for reading and will see you again soon!

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