Saturday, November 20, 2010

Making Money with Sugar Snap Peas!

It's really easy to start making inverse income and effectively making money - that's income where since you didn't spend money on a necessity (in this case food/vegetables) you keep that money for something else. You've made that money in as much as you've eliminated the need to spend it on a necessity.

I'd recommend sugar snap peas to start with, because you can eat the casing as well and it means less shelling. So you can either buy the pea seeds from a local hardware store or nursery, or you can simply buy sugar snap peas at the grocer and super market. If you do this though, you will have to shell them and dry them in a cool, dry place for say 15 days or so. They need to be dried to trigger their germination properties.

If you buy a packet, you get a lot of them for around $6. Since each plant gives around $35 cents worth of peas or more, you need to plant just 18 plants to cover the cost of the 'investment'!

Okay, time to decide how many seeds you want to plant. You will probably need a five centimetre gap between each plant so they don't crowd each other. You can crowd them a fair bit, but as they compete for nutrients and light they will produce less pods and might even go below the bottom line of five pods per plant.

In terms of planting in a garden, or if you don't have a garden, in planters, finding a good spot will be part of the next article!

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