Monday, December 17, 2012

Washing machine grey water and more soil containers

Scuse the dirt, that's there because I
used the bucket to move some earth
just before. 
Currently I can't collect grey water from the showers drain pipe, as a large box is in the way for the time being. The only grey water I can collect is from the washing machine. You know that curved pipe that you sling over a sink, for the machine to pump it's water out - well, put a bucket in that sink and sling the curve over the bucket. It'll likely overflow the first bucket, but since it's in the sink that's fine. The prob is you'll probably want to fill a second bucket, so hauling them to switch positions, timing it with the wash (I set a kitchen timer for about thirty minutes to try and catch the first lot of water), isn't as convenient as the shower collection system I have.

In other news I've taken a packing box, one which relatively low and flat with a lid that fits it, and simply sat the lid down upsidedown then put the bottom in, still upright, so the lid simply braces the inner wall. Then I've filled it with alot of leaf litter and then some soil across the top. I'm trying this out because it'll sit over the ground, blocking weeds from growing below (I wasn't too happy with the number of weeds amongst the broad bean crop) and like the potato buckets, it lets you get at any underground crop. It should be easier to weed as well - weeds can't do their horizontal trick, only start with seedlings.

Hunted around for a worm to put in, but just found dry soil. Perhaps I'll have to either wait for rains or water a spot of soil in hope to raise up some earthworms?

And yup, I'll probably put some second generation small potatoes into it - the ones dug up from a plant, but were a bit green.

Again harvesting from a box should be alot easier.

Only downside is that for this advice to work out for you, you'd need a constant supply of carboard boxes like that. Might look into using cereal boxes in future, to address that.

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