Sunday, January 13, 2013

Interim stuff

Obviously growing plants for food involves alot of interim stuff. The plants do their growing thing, taking about four months from shoot to actual edible produce. And of course the potato plants are shedding all the sun scorched leaves.

Currently setting up new buckets, with the potato very low in the bucket and only a little soil, letting the shoot from the potato show. Also I had stripped off all other shoots but one (storing them in the fridge for now for latter separate planting) and let the potato dry it's wounds over night. Having just one shoot is supposed to help, as they don't compete with each other.

Anyway, All the harvests so far have had the growth of potatoes at about the level the thing was planted at, not much deeper, not much higher. Hopefully the advice about hilling potato plants is true so once the shoots have grown up, I will add more soil (still leaving the top most leaves exposed) and hopefully the covered stem will start sending out tuber shoots as well. That or I'll find out hilling was just a myth.

Currently some of the plants have made tubers right near the surface, so they have become green. Which is annoying as they were quite nicely sized potatoes. I guess those ones will become the next seed potatoes!

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